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  • Robert Berkelhammer, M.Ed.

Ribeye the Puppy: Breakable Bowls, a Hazard for Puppies, Mature Dogs, and Cats

One sunny spring day I visited Ribeye, a thriving puppy weighing about 50 pounds. Ribeye greeted me with his effervescent personality, licking my hands and sniffing my pants. My first task before walking Ribeye was to feed him. I poured out his food as he sniffed around my ankles and placed his bowl on the floor. Ribeye ate with puppy vigor and the bowl was quickly emptied. Much to my surprise, Ribeye began to close his jaws around the edges of the bowl, trying to pick it up off the floor.

At first, he was unable to pick it up. Ribeye was successful on his 2nd try and plodded across the room triumphantly with his large bowl in his mouth. I moved quickly towards him but he dropped the bowl and it shattered into 6 large pieces with sharp points. I lunged towards Ribeye trying to prevent him from lunging towards the sharp bowl pieces. I was able to pull him away from the broken shards before he cut his tongue, jowls, or mouth. I was very surprised a vibrant mischievous puppy would be using a breakable bowl.

I encourage dog owners to use unbreakable bowls for their dogs safety. Stainless steel or other solid materials will not break into sharp pieces if the dog lifts the bowl in its mouth and drops it on the floor. Unbreakable materials protect our spirited animals from themselves and make pet owners' lives easier.

Cats I have cared for occasionally drink or eat out of breakable bowls placed on the top of a piano, table, kitchen counter, desk, or bookcase. Unbreakable bowls are best for cats too if left in elevated areas. If a cat and dog share the same home where a dog can gain access to cat bowls, unbreakable bowls are best for the felines!

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