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GOALS: Stabilize the Nuclear Pet Family

GOALS: Help Decrease Euthanasia, Rehousing, and Pet Auto Accidents

Nuclear Pet Family Care History

Since 2007, I have devoted my full time career to providing outstanding customer service for pet owners and animals of special needs and normal domesticated dogs, cats, rabbits, and birds. Special needs include rescued dogs and cats, blindness, hearing impaired, aging, skeletal weakness, behavior problems, kitten and puppy care, etc. Additionally, my book includes special needs of pet owners experiencing nuclear family stressors like illness, relocation, substance abuse, under employment, separation, and divorce. Between 2011 and 2016, I’ve  been the daily assistant manager of a dog behavior modification group where dogs learn to socialize properly with other dogs.


Fall 2015 Book Published

I have written about these pet family organizational tools and consumer education standards in my book, PET CARE GIVERS and FAMILIES: GETTING the MOST from DOG PLAYGROUPS, WALKERS, and PET SITTERS,  published in September, 2015 by Rowman & Littlefield.


Marc Bekoff, an international authority on animal psychology and dog emotions gave my book outstanding reviews!

“Companion animals are totally dependent on us for their wellbeing and their very lives. We are their oxygen. We owe them the best lives possible, and this book shows us how we accomplish this task so that it’s a win-win situation for all parties.”

MARC BEKOFF, author of Rewilding Our Hearts: Building Pathways of Compassion and Coexistence


The F.P.C. Empowering the Pet Owner & Pet Professional

My book and website introduces the FPC (family pet contract), which is a 16-page, multi-use document guiding all the pet family adults, mature children, and pet professionals. The FPC helps pet families organize for long term success by being prepared for daily routines and emergencies. The FPC clarifies all food, exercise, medical, and behavior routines and strategies  of the pets. The FPC includes a section on phone numbers for the homes appliance repairs to make sure the pet family has heat, electricity, hot water, plumbing, etc. This cutting-edge pet family consumer education/protection document is available on my website as a 16-page download for $3.99.


Empowering Domesticated Animals to Thrive Physically & Emotionally

Successful nuclear pet family ownership and professional pet care reflects in animals that are becoming happier, trusting, active, and peaceful. Pet owners feel and know these qualities to be true in their home as they happily witness their pets’ joyous behavior.


Educational Vision for Pet Owners and Universities

My book encourages national and international schools offering Vocational and Animal Science Degrees to go beyond current curriculum of pet store management and agribusiness. Curriculum reflected in my book can include full service pet care, including dog playgroups, doggy daycare, pet sitting, dog walks, cat and bird visits. The FPC (Family Pet Contract) should be in every pet family home and introduced to animal science students, 4 H Clubs, and pet professionals for its practical quality control benefits supporting consumer education and protection.


I seek funding for an educational video I am writing called Healthy Posture for Parents, Blue Collar Workers, and Most Occupations. The video will demonstrate proper/improper posture in parenting, blue collar jobs, and most occupations, and how pet owners and pet professionals can walk and carry pets safely. Soft tissue pain and disability related to poor posture occupationally and recreationally is a leading cause of medical diagnosis and treatment. The film can help decrease the overuse of pain medication. Pages 204-209 of my book details how pet owners can teach their children  better posture walking a dog, preventing the dog  from walking the child leading to a fall and the leash coming free as the dog runs away towards moving automobiles. (Many millions of dogs and cats are hit by cars every year.)

International Vision

I would like to see the book become an international reference resource for improved professional pet care and increased nuclear pet family stability. Ideally, the book would be translated into multiple languages reflecting the compassionate interspecies bonding  between humans and dogs, cats, birds, rodents, etc. Pet businesses may start up or expand with the books impetus. Pet owners would redouble their efforts to avoid separation and divorce, chronic underemployment, substance abuse, and fatherless children. Consequently, fewer animals would be hit by cars, rehoused, euthanized, and in need of rescue.


Scientific Research Goals - Partial Trauma Healing

Dogs and cats suffering  unhealed trauma have trouble living their lives fully while suffering  episodic  trauma. Dogs can undergo partial healing of trauma through the integrated model of a loving home, ongoing attendance in properly monitored dog behavior groups or doggy daycare, and prescribed Constitutional Homeopathy & Bach Flower remedies by veteran clinicians. I would like to see research done to monitor these improvements.



I seek funding to publicize my book through hiring a renowned publicist, web design updating, a new computer for my home, a laptop, and purchase a low mileage 4-wheel-drive vehicle to safely transport me in New England weather and dogs to playgroup, visit birds, cats, and dogs for walks and pet sitting. Additional funding for my educational video: Healthy Posture for Parents, Blue Collar Workers, and Most Occupations is needed.


Donors will receive a free copy of the 16-page Family Pet Contract.

Cost Breakdown

Web designer $ 1,500.00

Cinematographer for educational Posture Video - TBA  (being researched)

Publicist $15,000 (6 months)

Computer $2,000.00     Laptop   $800.00

Vehicle with 4-Wheel Drive $ 30,000

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Thank you for all your support!
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