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ROBERT BERKELHAMMER Discusses His New Book “Pet Caregivers and Families” on Let's Just Talk Radi

Robert Berkelhammer on Let's Just Talk with Kathryn Raaker

Robert Berkelhammer, MEd, known as The Pet Pro and The Posture Guy, is the son of a veterinarian and has worked in pet care since 2007. He has been the Daily Assistant Manager of a dog behavior modification play-group from 2011 to 2015. Additionally, he is a pet sitter, dog walker, and cat and bird visitor. For twenty years he maintained a holistic private practice integrating muscle therapy with yoga science. Robert is currently developing a corrective posture walking class and creating a video series on healthy occupational posture for blue-collar workers, parents and most professionals. Robert studied at the Kantor Family Institute and is a state-certified guidance counselor.

Most pet owners want the best for their cherished friends. Sometimes, however, the nature of those relationships can be upended and getting back on track can be confusing and difficult. Here, Robert Berkelhammer provides an overview of what constitutes healthy pet family relationships and how pet parents can access services that will help facilitate better communication, behavior, and all around care. He outlines the kinds of work pet care companies can offer, and guides readers to getting the best possible level of professional caretaking to achieve behavioral changes in their pets. Dog playgroups, dog walking, pet sitting and other services are described in terms of how families can work with providers to accommodate their animal and family needs. Focused mostly on dogs, the book does also address the needs of and services available to cats and birds. No pet owner will want to be without this book when deciding on a pet care arrangement that suits the family’s needs.

You can hear the full interview here!

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