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  • Robert Berkelhammer

Housebound Hyper Hound: Stairway Cardio Workout

Have you ever been housebound with a hyper dog who needs a long walk but the snow and ice is too severe? The yard is too deep with snow, the sidewalks are not passable and the road too slippery and unsafe? Perhaps you have a family member home and you can't leave the house?

All you need to rectify the situation is a stairway, a secure harness, good shoes, and a firm banister! Harness up your dog, hold onto the banister, and proceed walking up and down the stairway until you and your dog have had enough! The incline of the stairs will help you and your hound release lots of pent up negative stress as you exercise your cardiovascular and muscular-skeletal systems.

You will quickly find out how well behaved your dog is on the stairways and whether voice commands are needed and effective. Additionally, be sure to walk on the banister side for the hand grip and safety of your footing. Unless your dog is really unruly and out of control on the stairs, this is a great way to adapt to circumstances beyond your control.

Your dog can be rewarded with treats at intervals of ascending and descending the stairs. Use discretion with children regarding this activity to avoid falling accidents on the stairs. Teenagers with good balance should be safe doing this.

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