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  • Robert Berkelhammer, M.Ed.

A Treasure Trove of Routines Recorded by Pet Owners in the Pet Family Contract

Pet owners are treasure troves of knowledge about their pets. Pet owners can use the Pet Family Contract, an electronic download available on my website, to create a written document in the home for pet care strategies to be used by the family and pet professionals.

The Pet Family Contract supports consistent successful pet care in times of low-level stress and during high-stress crisis situations. Crisis situations are best prepared for thru the pet family being organized around daily pet routines of ordinary everyday occurrences.

The following is an excellent example of pet owner knowledge that can be written down in the Pet Family Contract. The pet owner has left information about Mello, his male mixed breed, for a pet sitter.

Pet owner to pet professional:

"Mello, in his own mind, adheres to an inflexible schedule. Mello whimpers when there is a deviation from the following schedule”:

1. Mello goes out into the fenced yard first thing in the A.M. to pee or poo.

2. Mello expects a treat after coming back inside the home.

3. Mello prefers an A.M. walk in the neighborhood 20-30 minutes after waking up.

4. Mello enjoys a specific treat, his Greenie Toothbrush, after the walk.

5. Mello expects dinner between 4:30-5:30. He will let you know he wants dinner.

6. Mello enjoys his frozen dog yogurt soon after finishing dinner.

7. Within 20 minutes after dinner, Mello will want to relieve himself in the yard

By paying attention to and following this type of key information from pet owners, pet care professionals will be far more successful than those who don’t. For help, download our Pet Care Contract.

Robert Berkelhammer is the Author of Pet Care Givers & Families: Getting the Most From Dog Playgroups, Pet Sitters, and Walkers. Also, see our MULTI-USE FAMILY PET CARE CONTRACT, a must-have organizing tool for you, your family, pet care professionals, and most importantly your pets!

Please consider helping me continue my important work helping pets as I develop as pet care professional and expert. All Donors will receive a free copy of the 16-page Family Pet Contract! Learn more here:

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