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  • Robert Berkelhammer, M.Ed.

Safely Using Portable Stairs & Non-Skid Mats for Your Pets

Pet owners often use portable stairs for dogs and cats needing safe access to beds, chairs, sofas, radiators, and automobiles. The furniture accessed by pets can be inside the home in dens or bedrooms, basements, porches, decks, garages, or in the backyard.

Portable stairs allow for continued bonding for the pet and their human family and bonding with other pets in the home.

Certain pets rest during the daytime or sleep overnight in a child's or adult’s bed that are too high and unreachable for the pet without portable stairs. Portable chairs are used for healthy pets and those pets trying to adapt to physical injury, aging, or trauma issues. Access to a car for certain dogs is also remedied by portable stairs.

Portable stairs can be purchased as offering between 1-5 stairs.

Avoiding Slippage Injuries

I have seen dogs jump and push off from the top of the portable stairs causing the stairs to push away from the bedside, leaving a chasm the dog can fall into between the bed and the stairs. This was caused partly by the stairs resting on a slippery wooden floor without a non-skid mat under the stairs. Wooden floors need a non-skid mat under the stairs. Make sure the stairs are as close to the bedside as possible after placing a non-skid mat under the stairs.

A non-skid mat is also indicated on a slippery garage floor when using portable stairs for an elderly or injured dog exiting a motor vehicle.

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