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  • Robert Berkelhammer, M.Ed.

Ladies - Store a Pair of Flat Shoes in Your Car for Safer Dog Walking

Today's modern woman finds herself in and out of the home and workplace following complicated schedules. Her safety when walking the family dog is very important. Storing a pair of flat shoes in your car can prevent orthopedic injuries if your dog becomes out of control at a veterinary hospital, public park, or wherever today's modern woman finds herself.

I recently visited a dog owner who was on crutches. Her dog had to go to the veterinarian unexpectedly and she came home from work and quickly placed him in the car. Once at the veterinarian's, the dog became surprisingly agitated, and she was injured after falling onto the floor while wearing platform shoes. I had been called in to walk her dog.

Mother's with teenage daughters who drive a family car can also make sure that their daughters have a pair of flat shoes in their vehicle.

Storing flat shoes in your car will provide more safety as you transition from your home, workplace, your child's school, or wherever you find yourself!

Robert Berkelhammer is the Author of Pet Care Givers & Families: Getting the Most From Dog Playgroups, Pet Sitters, and Walkers. Also, see our MULTI-USE FAMILY PET CARE CONTRACT, a must-have organizing tool for you, your family, pet care professionals, and most importantly your pets!

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