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Prong Collar Safety for Dog Walkers - Avoiding Entanglements

Dog walkers who are walking dogs fitted with prong collars can take safety precautions for their own protection to prevent entanglements. Prong collar entanglements for dog walkers may occur bending over to leash or unleash a dog, or offering a water bowl or dog toy outside on leash.

The dog walker’s long hair or necklace can hang down and become entangled with the prong collar. This is a safety problem for both walker and the dog that can be pre-empted. Musculoskeletal injuries to the dog walker could occur if a lunging dog tries pulling way when a walker’s hair or necklace has entangled with a prong collar. The dog may be triggered by the anxiety of the dog walker trying to untangle their necklace carrying jewelry, an identification card, or keys.

Necklaces with jewelry, keys, or card identification can be tucked into shirts or zipped into jackets. Long hair needs to be restricted by an elastic or other hair accessory that keeps long hair up and away from gravity and prong collar entanglement.

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