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Teamwork makes the dream work! Great customer service by pet care companies for pet owners

Pet care companies make life easier and simpler for pet owners. The plethora of pet company teamwork strategies include using back-up staff for last minute changes and emergencies. Teamwork makes the dream work for happy pet owners and pet care company staff applying excellent customer service.

I have written extensively about pet care company teamwork applying excellent customer service in my book Pet Care Givers & Families: Getting the Most from Dog Playgroups, Pet Sitters, & Walkers. (Roman & Littlefield 2015).

Recently working for a new pet company, I experienced firsthand just how important teamwork is in an emergency situation. The teamwork solved a potentially dangerous outcome for a yard-escaped puppy, providing me with peer support and anxiety relief as a pet professional during a problematic situation.

I was scheduled for a reservation with 2 puppies needing to be let out into the fenced back yard to relieve themselves. The puppies' owners had either accidentally left a yard gate open, or the wind had blown the gate open. One of the puppies bolted from the yard. I panicked as I searched for the puppy on the property. Being the son of a veterinarian, I'd seen many dogs and cats asleep in their cages after surgery from a car or truck accident. Many animals die from vehicle accidents.

Within 5 minutes of realizing the puppy had escaped the fenced yard, I called the business I work for. About 5 minutes later, one of the owners arrived to help look for the puppy. We had no success and soon another owner and staff member appeared to search for the puppy! What a team! We had 4 pet professionals looking for the puppy. The puppy was found and all was well!

I remember how relieved I felt as all 4 of us searched for the puppy. I felt our chances for success increased dramatically working as a team.

This exemplary teamwork situation in a pet company gave me pause regarding how I would face an emergency situation with an independent pet client. I have no employees but myself in my independent business!

Teamwork makes the dream work!

Robert Berkelhammer is the Author of Pet Care Givers & Families: Getting the Most From Dog Playgroups, Pet Sitters, and Walkers. Also, see our MULTI-USE FAMILY PET CARE CONTRACT, a must-have organizing tool for you, your family, pet care professionals, and most importantly your pets!

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