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  • Robert Berkelhammer, M.Ed.

Quiet Hybrid/Electric Cars - Dog Walkers Must Use Periscope Eyes in Parking Lots

Are you a dog owner or pet professional walking dogs in suburban and urban areas through parking lots? The invention of quiet hybrid and electric vehicles has set up parking lot safety situations where dog walkers may not hear cars exiting parking spaces, or driving by. Many hybrids and electric vehicles are very quiet idling in neutral and when their transmission is in reverse or forward at low speeds.

When the car driver and dog walker don't see or hear each other, danger can occur. Dog walkers should not assume all car drivers exiting and entering parking lots and parking spaces see you walking. Pedestrian dog walkers don't always have right of way and must use common sense in all traffic situations, obeying certain laws whether they have right of way or not. Additional distractions and multi-tasking from ear phone use for mobile devices, blue tooth, and cell phones, place drivers and dog walkers at risk. Dog walkers need both hands available for maximum safety.

Parents with teenagers walking dogs need to be vigilant with their children about staying off their phone while walking the family dog, except in an emergency situation. Periscope eye focus by dog walkers in parking lots increases safety of the dog walker and their pooches!

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