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  • Robert Berkelhammer, M.Ed.

A Pet Registration Conversation: Off-street Parking for Pet Professionals in Urban and Commercial Su

Pet professionals prefer access to off-street parking in urban and commercial suburban areas for reasons of time and safety.

The initial registration meeting between the pet company and new pet owner client is the perfect setting to discuss off-street parking options, if they exist. Some renters, home owners, and business owners don't have access to off-street parking.

Pet owners understand from the registration conversation they are contracting the pet company to spend time with their animals, not wasting time looking for parking spaces in congested and densely populated areas. Heavily trafficked streets are dangerous to cross in all weather conditions for pet professionals. Looking for parking increases negative stress and can delay the arrival time of scheduled pets.

Car accidents occur more frequently in congested urban and commercial suburban areas. Narrow congested streets can lead to side view mirrors on the driver's side being hit and rendered inoperable by a wide large vehicle like a bus or truck. I paid $250.00 to replace my side view mirror. My car insurance deductible was $500.00, so there was no auto insurance coverage for the repair.

Car body dings are also more likely to occur in congested areas. Dings cost money to repair, and can lower the resale value of your vehicle if not repaired.

Additionally, off-street parking in times of snowfall and heavy rain help the pet professional keep on schedule and increases their safety on the job.

The initial registration meeting is the time for pet companies and pet owners to fully communicate strategies for the best interests of the pets and the pet company.

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