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  • Robert Berkelhammer, M.Ed.

Cat Behind Trash Drawer #1: Feline Protection from Kitchen Trash Drawer Pull Out & Closing

Cat owners may have a kitchen feature where you pull out a drawer housing a garbage can. An additional container for recycling may also be housed in the drawer apparatus. I have visited cats that have gained entry into this area, becoming trapped when a family member or cleaning professional unknowingly closes the drawer without complaints from the trapped cat.

Additionally, garbage drawers can be left pulled open. This isolation is dangerous for the cat, leaving it cut off from food, water, and normal living conditions. The hidden cat’s body could also be injured when the garbage drawer is opened or shut.

If the trash drawer will not stay fully shut an adjustment by a carpenter or kitchen installer may be warranted. If your family members habitually don't push the garbage drawer shut all the way, using a thick rubber band may be a solution. The rubber band can be attached to the trash drawer knob and the knob on a regular sized drawer above the garbage drawer.

If your kitchen doesn't feature a drawer above the garbage drawer, a carpenter or kitchen installer professional is warranted.

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