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  • Robert Berkelhammer, M.Ed.

Traveling Cat Owners: Secure Your Feline’s Home Access with Weighted, Propped Open Doors

Cat owners travel and leave their felines home alone except for a daily visit from a pet professional. The pet professional visits the cat for 15-30 minutes per visit. Certain cat owners will contract for 2 visits a day if a cat is on a medication schedule requiring 2 doses daily, or if the cat owner desires more time for their cats to bond with a person while they travel.

Certain cats dislike their owners traveling, and may act out when their owners return home by isolating themselves or not using litter boxes consistently. Occasionally, cat owners contract for their cats to be visited every other day, which I don't recommend. (Financial considerations may influence alternate day visits.)

Kittens and mature cats can get into trouble and need to be visited at least one-time daily. Another cat visiting option is for 40 minute visits.

Safety Suggestions for Traveling Cat owners - Prop Open Doors inside your residence with weighted objects to guarantee your cats have access to food, water, litter boxes, and their usual habitat. A door propped open by a weighted object is harder to move by playing cats or gusts of wind.

This is very important when their owners travel. Doors can be blown shut or open by wind, thunder claps and atmospheric pressure changes, or cats playing behind the door. Once a door is closed, the cat may not have access to food, water, litter, fresh air, cooling fans and air conditioners, or warming heat vents.

A closed door can keep a fragile kitten or mature cat in an unsafe or uncomfortable area in the home, increasing their anxiety and fear. This buildup of anxiety may cause the cat to over react and panic, jumping thru a screened window into a steep drop from a 1st or 2nd story window.

A propped open door sends a message to cleaning professionals and family friends, who may visit the home when cat owners travel. Cats trapped in rooms with closed doors is not uncommon when cat owners travel.

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