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Winter Tires for Pet Professionals: National Tire & Battery (NTB)

I have learned to rely on NTB, (National Tire and Battery) in Danvers, Massachusetts for effective winter tires as a pet professional during New England winters between 2007- 2019. My winter responsibilities as a pet professional have included transporting dogs to and from a dog behavior group, visiting cats and birds while their owners travel, pet sitting for dogs in their owners homes, and walking dogs in their neighborhood.

Owning effective snow tires is really important for my job schedule and safety. I have never owned a four wheel drive or all wheel drive vehicle, thus winter tire effectiveness becomes even more important with my previous rear wheel and current front wheel drive car.

The first thing I learned from NTB is they stock or will order almost any tire brand a customer wants. The second thing I learned from NTB is to consider the vehicle you drive when choosing recommended tires. For example, I initially bought internationally known top rated tires based on internet recommendations. These top rated tires did not work as well the tires I later bought on recommendation from NTB. NTB said- “Your car is rear wheel drive and 4000 pounds. Our experience has shown us that Cooper Arctic Claws may be a more effective winter tire for your car…”

I used the Arctic Claws for years after that and they were excellent with traction and directional stability in snow and ice!

Recently when I needed new winter tires, NTB recommended a Japanese winter tire called Sumitomo. I have Sumitomo’s on my front wheel drive and I am pleasantly surprised at their grip and directional stability in snow and ice, especially on hills and driveways!

I wish to thank the staff at NTB in Danvers, Mass. for making my car a safer and more winter weather reliable vehicle. Many happy dogs, cats, and birds have appreciated my reliability!

Thank you Gentleman of NTB,

Robert Berkelhammer

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