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  • Robert Berkelhammer, M.Ed.

Safer Home Exits for Dog Walkers: A Registration Discussion

The initial pet company registration discussion at the pet owner’s residence includes safer home exits for walking the dog(s). Unsafe exits may include a doorway that is too close to an outside stairway. This close proximity of an exit doorway to outside stairs can endanger the dog walkers balance if the dog(s) become out of control leaving the residence and the walker is multitasking as they shut the door(s). Some homes have a flight of outside stairs so close to the exit door a dog is already on the stairs before the walker closes the main door or storm door.

Dog walkers have been injured, requiring orthopedic surgery exiting the residence with a stairway too close to the door. A dog walker has only 2 hands and must exit the home with a dog(s), shut the main door and sometimes a storm door. A dog(s) seeing and smelling a squirrel or cat can start accelerating on their leash towards or down the stairs before the dog walker has finished shutting a main door or storm door. Once the door is shut, the dog walker may not be ready to descend the stairs. The dog walker’s posture may be off balanced as they turn their body from the doorway to the stairs.

Being off balance allows an out of control dog(s) to overpower and pull the dog walker down the stairs causing minor or major injuries, surgery, loss of job income during recovery, pain, and suffering. Two dogs weighing more than a total of 120 pounds can do a lot of physical damage to a dog walker on a set of 12 stairs.

Registration is a task that pet companies excel at because of their attention to detail involved in pet company customer service. The pet company should take a close look at the exits on the first floor of the home and notice the safest exits. Some homes will have one exit available, others may have 3 or 4 doors available. Exits crowded by excess furnishings, storage bags, children’s toys, clutter, or porches with floor boards in need of repair may be unsafe.

Pet owners may not be familiar initially with the safety aspect of door exits from the pet company viewpoint, but most pet owners are amenable to the pet companies simple requests based on it being for the good of all. Dog owners love their canines and want what is best for their dog’s health.

Successful customer service at the initial meeting between pet owner and pet company establishes a mutual respect all parties feel, and is carried forward when pet service begins for the pet family.

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