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Whole Foods Packaging Prowess of Hot Soup! A Wintertime Hungry Pet Sitter

Customer service between pet owners and pet professionals is a win-win reciprocity, which I have written about in my book and website. Pet owners hire pet professionals to make their lives easier, and pet professionals provide services they usually enjoy and are compensated for.

I have purchased food from Bread & Circus-Whole Foods-Amazon since 1980 for my family. In 2007, I began pet sitting professionally and depend on purchasing organically grown Whole Foods products when living in a pet owner's home. I am sharing a recent typical Whole Foods superior customer service event while I was pet sitting for a wonderful dog. The first winter day of a pet sitting job I ladled full the largest container possible of hot red lentil soup from the Whole Foods prepared foods bar. I had enjoyed the steaming red lentil soup for a late lunch that 25-degree winter day with fresh cooked brown rice as a side dish. I was craving more warming, high-protein red lentil soup for dinner that evening and lunch the following day.

The soup container was in a paper bag, which I placed in the refrigerator at the home I was pet sitting in. The pet owner hadn’t time to clear a shelf for my food during the 5-day pet sitting contract. The pet owner had a family emergency out of town and had called me last minute.

I was preparing dinner and went to retrieve the soup. I found the soup bag had fallen over on the refrigerator shelf. I was wondering why the soup hadn’t leaked out of the package, thru the bag, and into the refrigerator shelf area? I found out why the soup hadn’t leaked when I took the soup container out of the bag! 2 pieces of strong scotch tape in an x-formation had been used to seal the lid closed. Also, a rubber band was placed around the lid and the bottom of the container for extra leak-proof support. That’s what I call Great Customer Service!

The quality of food selection and great customer service is why I’ve been shopping Bread & Circus-Whole Foods-Amazon since 1980!

Robert Berkelhammer is the Author of Pet Care Givers & Families: Getting the Most From Dog Playgroups, Pet Sitters, and Walkers. Also, see our MULTI-USE FAMILY PET CARE CONTRACT, a must-have organizing tool for you, your family, pet care professionals, and most importantly your pets!

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